CND Engineering Limited

Damien Lothringen, P.Eng.
Co-Founder, Partner

Having grown up with a father who was an engineer and general contractor Damien was introduced to the building industry at a very early age.  Working on the construction site started his education in a hands on way and it is that practicality that Damien brings to engineering solutions.

Starting as a general labourer, Damien eventually began contracting small projects.  After graduating McMaster University with a Bachelor of Engineering, his first position was with a materials testing and geotechnical company.  Working as a field technician was his first introduction to the technical side of the construction site.
Damien’s next position was held with a small Architectural and Engineering firm.  Being a small firm allowed for a great exposure to most aspects of engineering, architecture, project management and provided the knowledge to take a building project from beginning to end.
Prior to co-founding CND Engineering he served as a Structural Engineering Manager at a large multinational engineering firm.  Working on varying projects of differing sizes and complexities his experience at this company spanned across commercial, industrial, institutional and infrastructural scopes.

In total Damien has amassed more than 20 years of engineering experience and even more experience within the building industry. CND Engineering, and Damien thrive on challenges and finding solutions to suit client needs.



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